[Photo] 21.12.2010 “Love songs” 12th New Album USB+Micro SD+DVD Version Pictures

21 Dec
Sorry that I seem to always share pictures of people’s Love songs USB version haha~

Here’s another person who has her/his USB version arrived! How quick!!

the Photobook is so GREAT!!!

IMG_1470.jpg (115 KB) IMG_1471.jpg (111 KB) IMG_1474.jpg (114 KB) IMG_1475.jpg (100 KB) IMG_1476.jpg (117 KB) IMG_1477.jpg (156 KB) IMG_1478.jpg (189 KB) IMG_1479.jpg (169 KB) IMG_1480.jpg (112 KB) IMG_1481.jpg (125 KB) IMG_1482.jpg (109 KB) IMG_1483.jpg (150 KB) IMG_1484.jpg (126 KB) IMG_1486.jpg (126 KB)

Credit: ANDICO` @ AyuChina
Shared by Ayu’s Story
Take out with full credits!


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