[Info] 24.12.2010 Ayu x Ameba PIGG Collaboration Updated New Goods!

24 Dec
New Ayu’s goods are added for Ameba PIGG members to purchase to celebrate New Year. The new items will be sold starting from 13:30 PM on 30th December 2010!

Check these out! They are SO CUTE!

news_101223_pig_room.jpg (22 KB)

T-Shirt  (2 type) 200AG

news_101223_pig_01.jpg (5 KB) news_101223_pig_02.jpg (5 KB)

Sport Towel (2 types) 150AG

news_101223_pig_03.jpg (7 KB)news_101223_pig_04.jpg (5 KB)

Ayu Daruma 250AG

news_101223_pig_05.jpg (8 KB)

Ayupan Mask 200AG

news_101223_pig_06.jpg (8 KB)

Ayu Kadomatsu 300AG

news_101223_pig_07.jpg (6 KB)

Sunday Best Ayupan 2011 (green / orange / pink) (3 types) Each 250AG
news_101223_pig_08.jpg (7 KB) news_101223_pig_09.jpg (7 KB) news_101223_pig_10.jpg (7 KB)

Original source: Team Ayu
Shared by Ayu’s Story
Take out with full credits!


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