[INews] 27.12.2010 Wrapping service At 「ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2010-2011 A ~do it again~」!

27 Dec
For those who are buying goods for friends, there is a wrapping service available at the CDL venue. The special wrapping paper is based on CDL’s black/purple theme, with A mark and A butterfly logos on them!!
There are 2 kinds of wrapping methods to choose from, traditional Japanese furoshiki style, and normal wrapping style!!
Furoshiki style wrapping price: Depends on size. ¥1,000 for small, ¥1,500 for medium, and ¥2,000 for large packages.
※ The wrapping style will differ based on the goods to be wrapped. (3 different patterns are available)
Normal style is free!!
※ For this service, each person can only have 2 packages wrapped per one receipt. To wrap more packages, one has to purchase more items using a different receipt to be able to wrap those.
The wrapping service is done by the award-winning Gomi Eri company! They will be using a new “ribbon wrap” style created specifically for this CDL!!
★ The wrapping service is available for all goods and CDs purchased that day at the venue. Items already purchased elsewhere, but still unopened, can also be wrapped.
★ You can supply your own wrapping materials.
★ The wrapping service is limited in number, and served on a first-come-first-served basis.
★ Details about the wrapping service will be available on a menuboard posted at the wrapping booth at the venue.

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
Original source: Team Ayu
Shared by Ayu’s Story
Take out with full credits!


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