[Fanaccount] 30.12.2010 ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2010-2011 A ~ do it again ~ Part 1

30 Dec

Fanaccount from SunshineSlayer @ AHS for today’s CDL!

Just got home, thought I would post my thoughts. Sorry if I sound a bit scatter brained cause I’m typing in a hurry.

Random notes:

– She forgot basically all the lyrics to Thank U except La la la. haha.

-The medley sections were pretty short, especially the last one – only about 1/4 of trauma, audience, and fly high were performed, if that. The ballad section was longer with close to half of each song being performed except for Carols. Carols seemed extremely short.

-I liked the Moon accoustic version much better than the studio version.

-The MC was unusually short. She introduced the new dancers and drummer and that was it. I like it that way though.

-Her voice was pretty good. It had its ups and downs though; Last Angel and Evolution for example still don’t sound that great, but the rest of the songs were all pretty good and she handled Endless Sorrow pretty well.


-The stage was AWESOME! Really well done and so nice to see her finally using something completely new. I’m sure this will be used for the next arena tour. There is a cat walk as well although I’m not sure why because I think she only used it once.

-The set list. I loved everything except I could have done without Marionette and either Evolution or Boys and Girls; they are fun but even I am getting to the point where I don’t think that both of them need to be done at every single concert. In retrospect though, the setlist was maybe a little short especially since the medley sections weren’t really that long. But overall, I really enjoyed the set list.


-Ok, I usually don’t make a fuss about Ayu’s hair…but OMG. Hairwise I thought this was her worst concert ever. It seemed like she kept going from one bad wig to the next. She starts the concert off in the ultra short wig from the Love Songs video only styled a bit differently. I just really don’t like that wig on her. The ballad section wig was not bad. But then the wig in Humming 7/4 was…..seriously from a distance she looked like she had a huge wad of white cotton candy on her head. It looked like it was taken off the head of a groupie from the 1980s…….sorry Ayu. Then she actually came out with her natural hair! I thought, “Yay!” But for some reason they decided to dump a bucket of water on her before she came on stage! I guess they wanted her hair to look “street” or something for Dream On; It did not look very good. And then for the encore, she returned to the Love Songs wig again…..so yeah, from start to finish this concert was a complete miss for me hair wise.

That’s the only major con I have!

Outfit wise, there really wasn’t anything that stood out at super good or super bad. Although her first outfit had a cape attached; it was like Super Ayu. I could have done without that; but honestly I think its the wig that threw the whole off for me mainly.

One final note, the concert ended very strangely. She did Thank U and everyone is happy and lalalaing and the balloons and streamers fell; everyone thought the concert was over, but then Do it Again started and all of a sudden the atmosphere became somber. She didn’t perform the whole song, she just repeated the chorus twice as the curtain lowered. It was very….strange. She didn’t run around thanking the audience a billion times, or throw out her wristbands, or yell “domo arigatou” micless. The concert just….ended. Really really strange which is why people were like “eh? That’s it?” at the end. I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

Credit: SunshineSlayer @ AHS
Shared by Ayu’s Story
Take out with full credits!


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