[Trans] 02.01.2011 Love songs’ Blog Update: A HAPPY NEW YEAR☆

3 Jan

2 January 2011. 5:46pm

Soon after the start of 2011,

Hamasaki Ayumi’s happy news rocked the whole of Japan!!!

There are probably lots of people who are shocked,

especially those of you from TA, but because you all are Hamasaki Ayumi’s beloved and understanding fans

I’m sure you will all watch over her warmly.

Please also continue to support the A troupe, who will be evolving more this year too m(_ _)m


Did everyone enjoy the special line-up counting down to the New Year → Kouhaku Utagassen + CDTV Special + COUNTDOWN LIVE??

I’m sure you all did, but we still did all we could to put up the best show!!

Right now, our hearts are full of achievement and a little bit of exhaustion.

Of course, with so much dancing, we’re bound to get tired (-“-;…

So after this COUNTDOWN LIVE, the special tune:up branch at Yoyogi got lots of customers again!!

I took lots of photos of the dancers relaxing their bodies here (← I hope they didn’t mind. (laugh))

So please take a look at this healing process ↓

Relaxing into lethargy,

Is that MARO-san… Nah, it’s KAZUMA-san. (laugh)

“Feels good~” coming from ZIN-san.

EKKO-san, a new addition to the A troupe for this concert.

So fresh~



A very interesting-looking MIDORI-san. (laugh)

Was that good? (←What?)

To everyone at tune:up, thank you so much for reinvigorating us and getting us ready for the busy year ahead!!

A-STAFF Minazou

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
Original source: Love songs’ Blog
Shared by Ayu’s Story
Take out with full credits!


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