[Trans] 03.01.2011 Love songs’ Blog Update: Glutton King ★

4 Jan

Glutton King ★
3 January 2010. 7:32pm

This entry is about the dinner we had yesterday at a steak house.

We’ve heard so much about the huge size of the steaks here… (゜∀゜)

So we ordered, waited impatiently for about 10 minutes,

And it… it’s here…………!!

Or rather…

It appeared!!!!!!!!!

Please look at the following pictures, with this loud exclamation in mind ↓↓↓

Whoa—!! w(゚ロ゚;w(゚ロ゚)w;゚ロ゚)w Whoa—!!




It’s so much bigger than troupe leader ayu’s face, and about as wide as her shoulders.

It’s not a steak, more like a lump of meat.

And of course!

The petite troupe leader couldn’t finish the huge lump herself, so it got passed on to Giant Sugi.


He ate it!!!

Some more!!!!!!!

And then,

Before you could even say


Caption: Finished

Mr Sugi has shown us an unimaginable feat by finishing that meat lump. And that was after he finished a huge lobster, a huge rib steak, and (lots of) bread.

It was an exciting and peaceful night, when the new glutton king was born. ,。・:*:・゚’☆,。・:*:

A-STAFF Minazou

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
Original source: Love songs’ Blog
Shared by Ayu’s Story
Take out with full credits!


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