[Photo] 10.01.2011 Ayumi Hamasaki Calender 2011 Pictures

10 Jan

It’s not scans yet, but closer picture of the Wall calender

166389_191810567499415_100000114194599_754978_2505617_n.jpg (63 KB) 167010_191810534166085_100000114194599_754977_2506733_n.jpg (78 KB) 162717_191810737499398_100000114194599_754982_596599_n.jpg (80 KB) 167591_191810600832745_100000114194599_754979_3952709_n.jpg (87 KB) 165364_191810764166062_100000114194599_754983_3460127_n.jpg (73 KB)164024_191810810832724_100000114194599_754985_7175427_n.jpg (62 KB) 164724_191810654166073_100000114194599_754980_1473754_n.jpg (88 KB) 163612_191810704166068_100000114194599_754981_1446116_n.jpg (83 KB)

Credit: 陳 小宇 @ Facebook
Shared by Ayu’s Story
Take out with full credits!


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