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Welcome to Ayu’s Story

30 Nov

☆ About Ayu’s Story ☆
This Fanblog is dedicated to Ayumi Hamasaki as well as to all the Fans all around the world that have given supports to our beloved Idol.Hope you guys enjoy explore the blog.


Love ♥♥♥,
Leny Giam (a.k.a AyUmIXx)
Ayu’s Story Fanblog Admin

Just a little something of why this blog’s named with Ayu’s Story 🙂

☆ As a matter or fact, this fanblog is dedicated to Ayumi Hamasaki therefore the whole contents in the fanblog are basically about her or related to her so I decided to use “Ayu’s Story” where from this blog, you may find out everything about her from the head to toe. So that by using “Ayu’s Story” should be the best and suitable name for the fanblog. (Just like her 7th album which is called My Story, it’s kinda giving me an inspiration to name the blog)

We would love to provide any information regarding to Ayu in 24/7! so STAY TUNED!!

Some simple rules & requests:
1. DO NO HOT LINK please! (especially pictures)
2. NO BASHING each other, any artists and even Ayu herself!
3. DO CREDIT Ayu’s Story and the rest of the credits written in each of the posts if you’re taking anything out from this blog, Thank You!
4. PLEASE DO COMMENT (Comments are very highly appreciated) or else leave your messages in the chatterbox that’s provided. Feel Free to do so~♥
5. This Fanblog is in no way to be affiliated with or endorsed by Ayumi Hamasaki, Avex Trax, Avex Inc or any other companies which associated with Ayumi Hamasaki.
6. SUPPORT Ayu’s Story! Remember to vote for us, ok?
7. Last but not least, Thank You for visiting 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥

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