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[Info] 01.02.2011 PEACH JOHN X AYU Don’t Look Back New Collaboration Item!

2 Feb

Ayu and Peach John, Mika John has added the new item for their special collaboration item!

Here it is!

it’s called “Don’t look back” referring to ayu’s song from Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus album

and it’s so pricey! 11,800 Yen!! approximately USD118!

More info can be found here

Original source: Peach John
Shared by Ayu’s Story

[Scans] 18.12.2010 PEACH JOHN Spring 2011 Magazine Full Scans

18 Dec

PEACH JOHN Spring 2011 Magazine Full Scans

Ayu is SUPER CUTE!!!

So she was taking these whole photoshoots at LA as well..
but those dogs were not Ayu’s.. it’s the American version of Papiko and Pino haha~~

peachjohn2011spring001.jpg (429 KB) peachjohn2011spring002.jpg (299 KB) peachjohn2011spring003.jpg (255 KB) peachjohn2011spring004.jpg (259 KB) peachjohn2011spring005.jpg (350 KB) peachjohn2011spring006.jpg (426 KB) peachjohn2011spring007.jpg (387 KB) peachjohn2011spring008.jpg (502 KB) peachjohn2011spring009.jpg (481 KB)

Credit: wincci @ AHS
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