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[Scans] 07.03.2011 Team Ayu Magazine Volume 39 Full Scans

7 Mar
Team Ayu Magazine Volume 39 Full Scans
Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus Tour looks so amazing on the scans!
I can’t wait to watch the DVD soon!

Credit: Miskiq @ AHS
Shared by Ayu’s Story
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[Trans] 28.01.2011 Team Ayu Magazine Vol. 37 Full Translation

28 Jan

Download full scans of Team Ayu Magazine vo. 37 Here!

Present For You ♡

The much-discussed topic for the summer of 2010 was the 3D live concert 「A3D ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~NEXT LEVEL~」.
This time, 5 lucky members will be chosen to receive a special not-for-sale promotion poster!

How to enter (For both A-Course and B-Course members)
Access the following website using either the computer or the mobile, and enter the form.

☆ Until 28 February 2011 6pm ☆

「MOON/blossom」 Jacket photo off shot

ayu’s 48th single, the first single release of 2010, 「MOON/blossom」 and 「blossom/MOON」.
This pale pastel orange jacket cover elicited major responses when it was first revealed! Many flooded to the TA site continuously, and the connection became really hard to maintain… We are sorry to have brought trouble to all TA members ( >_<; ) So we bring to you the gentlest, cutest photos of ayu from this shoot. Aside from the photos on the cover and in the booklet, there were lots of other photos taken too. Please enjoy looking at ayu’s many expressions ♪♪♪

「MOON」 Video clip off shot

A room in a gloomy mansion.
「MOON」 video clip, where scenes of ayu singing while illuminated by moonlight created a deep impression.
Because this was in such contrast with the soft and pale image from the jacket cover, many people were probably surprised.
Here, we present the off shot from this video clip ♪

During the summer of 2010, a-nation was held in 4 major regions of the country, with 6 shows.
ayu and her troupe performed at all shows, and charmed the audiences during this open-air performance!!
We are sure that the best memories of this summer are still shining brightly in the hearts of TA all over the country who came down to support, even now.
Now we present the excitement from that summer to you once again, with a photo gallery ♪
There will of course be shots from the show itself, but also lots of rehearsal photos!

Scene of Rehearsals

a-nation rehearsals, squeezed into an already tight schedule. ayu, dancers, band members, staff. From anyone’s expression, we can surely see the determination to throw in everything and aim to become one on stage. Until the show can wow the audience, and until the show is over, this was a moment where true spirit can be seen.

「crossroad」 Jacket photo off shot

49th single 「crossroad」.
This jacket photo was of ayu, with a ribbon and glasses studded with Swarovski crystals, looking straight at the camera! This sparkly ribbon was so well-received by everyone at TA that it was made into merchandise. That’s surely the first time this has ever happened ♪

「crossroad」 Video clip off shot

The ayu displayed on the monitor is “the ayu who has chosen such a path”. And then, there’s “one more ayu” watching her. As the title 「crossroad」 suggests, this video clip was based on the concept of “the crossroads of life”. As the clip progresses, the stories come to their respective ends…

ayu, with long straight hair and wearing a long red dress. Versus ayu, wearing a short black studded dress. This clip showcases very different costumes ♪

Translation: Misa-chan
Original source: Team Ayu Magazine
Shared by Ayu’s Story
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[Photo] 05.01.2011 Team Ayu Magazine Vol. 37 & 38 Photo Previews

5 Jan

Previews of Team Ayu Magazine Vol. 37 and 38!

So adorable!

55185228201101030134232497755369421_000.jpg (132 KB) 5463355820110103004132086.jpg (17 KB) 5463355820110103004355054.jpg (24 KB) 55185228201101030008233914488738639_001.jpg (44 KB) 5463355820110103004045019.jpg (15 KB)

Credit: 渃.。(步)解 @ AyumiFans

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