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[Trans] 28.01.2011 Team Ayu Magazine Vol. 37 Full Translation

28 Jan

Download full scans of Team Ayu Magazine vo. 37 Here!

Present For You ♡

The much-discussed topic for the summer of 2010 was the 3D live concert 「A3D ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~NEXT LEVEL~」.
This time, 5 lucky members will be chosen to receive a special not-for-sale promotion poster!

How to enter (For both A-Course and B-Course members)
Access the following website using either the computer or the mobile, and enter the form.

☆ Until 28 February 2011 6pm ☆

「MOON/blossom」 Jacket photo off shot

ayu’s 48th single, the first single release of 2010, 「MOON/blossom」 and 「blossom/MOON」.
This pale pastel orange jacket cover elicited major responses when it was first revealed! Many flooded to the TA site continuously, and the connection became really hard to maintain… We are sorry to have brought trouble to all TA members ( >_<; ) So we bring to you the gentlest, cutest photos of ayu from this shoot. Aside from the photos on the cover and in the booklet, there were lots of other photos taken too. Please enjoy looking at ayu’s many expressions ♪♪♪

「MOON」 Video clip off shot

A room in a gloomy mansion.
「MOON」 video clip, where scenes of ayu singing while illuminated by moonlight created a deep impression.
Because this was in such contrast with the soft and pale image from the jacket cover, many people were probably surprised.
Here, we present the off shot from this video clip ♪

During the summer of 2010, a-nation was held in 4 major regions of the country, with 6 shows.
ayu and her troupe performed at all shows, and charmed the audiences during this open-air performance!!
We are sure that the best memories of this summer are still shining brightly in the hearts of TA all over the country who came down to support, even now.
Now we present the excitement from that summer to you once again, with a photo gallery ♪
There will of course be shots from the show itself, but also lots of rehearsal photos!

Scene of Rehearsals

a-nation rehearsals, squeezed into an already tight schedule. ayu, dancers, band members, staff. From anyone’s expression, we can surely see the determination to throw in everything and aim to become one on stage. Until the show can wow the audience, and until the show is over, this was a moment where true spirit can be seen.

「crossroad」 Jacket photo off shot

49th single 「crossroad」.
This jacket photo was of ayu, with a ribbon and glasses studded with Swarovski crystals, looking straight at the camera! This sparkly ribbon was so well-received by everyone at TA that it was made into merchandise. That’s surely the first time this has ever happened ♪

「crossroad」 Video clip off shot

The ayu displayed on the monitor is “the ayu who has chosen such a path”. And then, there’s “one more ayu” watching her. As the title 「crossroad」 suggests, this video clip was based on the concept of “the crossroads of life”. As the clip progresses, the stories come to their respective ends…

ayu, with long straight hair and wearing a long red dress. Versus ayu, wearing a short black studded dress. This clip showcases very different costumes ♪

Translation: Misa-chan
Original source: Team Ayu Magazine
Shared by Ayu’s Story
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[Trans] 26.01.2011 – 27.01.2011 Ayu’s Tweets Update!

27 Jan

Massive Updates of Ayu’s Tweets from 26th – 27th January 2011!!

I’ve put into Twitlonger, so here are the links to the translations!

26th January 2011

27th January 2011

Translation: Misa-chan @ AHS
Original source: Ayu’s Twitter
Shared by Ayu’s Story
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[Trans] 24.01.2011 bea’s UP Magazine February 2011 Issue Full Translation

24 Jan

2.jpg (885 KB)

Hamasaki Ayumi Romantic

Slowly, step by step, the songstress has landed aflutter out of the sun rays bearing the hint of the coming of spring. Her gaze is strong, beautiful. Hamasaki Ayumi, whom many girls yearn to be like, is the cover girl for this issue. Receiving lots of love from her fans, she now returns that love to us. She talked to us about the different forms of love.

“For work, for family, for friends, for lovers… There are many forms of love, but the love I recall now is love for my comrades”

3_5.jpg (895 KB)

beasup201102004.jpg (396 KB)

“Everything will be so much easier if I can compromise on things. But I can’t, so maybe that’s what others don’t like about me”

beasup201102005.jpg (480 KB)

Adult ayu-styled cuteness depends on the balance between the eyes and the lips
The secret to looking like an adult is the eye make-up. Simple eyeliner, curving up at the very end of the eye like a wing. Starting from the fold of the eyelid, apply a brown gradient along the socket depression. Colour the lips with beige as a base, followed by pink-beige. The highlight is the balance between the neat eye make-up and the sweet lips.

beasup201102006.jpg (478 KB)

“I wanted to take all the love I’ve received, make them into songs, and give them back to everyone as a present.”

White translucent skin and blonde hair. With those large eyes that could suck you right in, songstress ayu is back at Bea’s Up. Her appearance resembles a painting, or a scene out of a movie. She puts on many expressions, following the beat set by the camera shutter. For a moment, she looks just like a foreigner. ayu talks to us about this.
“Everyone seems to be telling me that nowadays. (laugh) Maybe it’s because my hair colour has become super light lately. The colour is so light, that in the middle of dye-ing, there was a moment when my hair looked totally white. (laugh) My skin is really pale now too.”

For this album, she spent a month overseas at LA, recording and filming PVs.
“I often release albums at the beginning of spring, and very few at the end of the year. But I’ve always felt that it would be wonderful if I could make an album and give it to all my fans as a Christmas present. However, the tour went on for really long last year, so even though I wanted to make an album then, there were so many other things that I needed to do. I was so busy then, I didn’t even have time to go shopping. (laugh)”

The title for this album “Love songs” seems to have been born during last year’s 7-days live.
“The 7-days live last years held much meaning for me. Though I have always put all my energy into lives, that 7-days was a battle which involved my whole body and soul. From the preparation, through the live, and even after. I felt duty, and accomplishment too. Of course, it’s not only about me. The whole troupe (band, dancers, staff) too. Now, my memories are of “smiling faces” and “comrade love”. That’s why, when I was thinking of the album in LA, this title naturally came to mind. It’s not something superficial, but represents all the love which I received last year.”

The new album shows how ayu loves and accepts herself, so we asked her about times when she hated herself.
“If there are moments when I love myself, I will want to do my best. But you may say that that’s my nature anyway. (laugh) I probably dislike myself when others point out my faults, like when I’m not being serious enough, or when I’m trying to cut corners.”

Is there any part of yourself which you cannot bring yourself to love?
“That I can’t accept help from anyone. Sometimes, I don’t have the ability to achieve things, and I know it, but because I want everything to be perfect, I continue trying way past my limit. Everything would be easier if I could just learn to say “I can’t do that.””

That is just like ayu, who told us “I just have to keep running” in a past issue. And as she said, from the start of the New Year of 2010, a new tour, 50th single commemoration, 7-days live at Yoyogi Gymanasium, and then Countdown Live, she has never stopped. And as a result, she has broken the record for most consecutive No.1 singles for solo female artists, at 25 singles, and became a true champion. Furthermore, she has a digital 3D movie featuring her live concert, a first for Japanese artists. On top of that, she has also moved out of her own sphere, to produce a single for AAA member URATA NAOYA.
“I take pride in the fact that, no matter what the results are, I alone am responsible for it. It’s just different when someone else that is not me takes the responsibility. I want to be in charge of everything, right down to the details.”

And only ayu, who is self-produced, right down to her nails, clothes and make-up, can say that. The last time, we asked her “So who would you like to be producer for?” and her answer was “If I do it, I want to produce male artists.” And maybe she needs to do that. So, what new things will ayu bring to us in this new year?

beasup201102007.jpg (458 KB)

“If I can love myself, I may discover parts of me which I’ve never known before”

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
Original source: as tagged
Shared by Ayu’s Story
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[Trans] 19.01.2011 – 21.01.2011 Ayu’s Tweets Update!

22 Jan

Massive Updates of Ayu’s Tweets from 14th – 16th January 2011!!

I’ve put into Twitlonger, so here are the links to the translations!

19th – 20th January 2011

21st January 2011

Translation: Misa-chan @ AHS
Original source: Ayu’s Twitter
Shared by Ayu’s Story
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[Trans] 17.01.2011 – 18.01.2011 Ayu’s Tweets Update!

19 Jan

I’ve put into Twitlonger, so here are the links to the translations!

17th – 18th January 2011

Translation: Misa-chan @ AHS
Original source: Ayu’s Twitter
Shared by Ayu’s Story
Take out with full credits

[Trans] 16.01.2011 Ayu’s Tweets Update!

16 Jan

Massive Updates of Ayu’s Tweets from 14th – 16th January 2011!!

I’ve put into Twitlonger, so here are the links to the translations!

14th January 2011

15th January 2011

16th January 2011

Translation: Misa-chan @ AHS
Original source: Ayu’s Twitter
Shared by Ayu’s Story
Take out with full credits

[Translation] 14.01.2011 S Cawaii Magazine February 2011 Issue Full Translation

14 Jan

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Hamasaki Ayumi talks about “Love songs”



“Aside from understanding and feeling with me, if I can become the mirror that reflects my listeners, so that they can truly see themselves…”
With that idea, new album “Love songs” was completed!
ayu sings about many different kinds of LOVE, and with that, what questions does she have for everyone?

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“Love” gets you excited, it is fun, sweet, gentle, and makes you yearn for that someone.

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I can sing, because I can imagine myself. Because of that, I want to live. That was my 2010.


With a title like “Love songs”, we were fully expecting a rosy pink album. Guess that was stupid of us. (laugh)
There’s no reason to expect that. I’m ayu after all. (laugh) From the very first song”Love song”, we’re well away from ballads.

Firstly, we’d like to ask why you decided to make this album.
It started during Yoyogi 7days Live. At first, I thought that I’ll be burnt out after fighting for 7days, and I planned to take a breather after that. However, after I finished the live, I felt that “It’ll be wrong to stop now. I need to absorb what I’ve gained from these 7 days and move on.” To put it in another way, I guess I felt that I was “released”.

As someone who sings, what I should be and what I want to be is very simple. I just want to be a vocalist. That’s what I thought. To use whatever gimmicks to tell my message, and if I can’t, make it even simpler, so long as I can express through song whatever it is that I imagine. This is probably how I should be like.

I see. So the first song expresses the whole album.
I’ve always chosen my words with care, to hide meanings, to cover something, or for some certain reason. But this time, I want to make an album that sings about lots of love in a simple way. With that, the title “Love songs” soon came up.

It’s an album filled with different kinds of LOVE. So what does LOVE mean to ayu?
It’s probably the biggest theme in any person’s life, and the most important too. Without it, there is no meaning to life. With it, one becomes able to live. It is the biggest, the most beautiful, the most difficult, and the most talked about thing in this world. It is also the worst thing that can happen to you, emotional-wise. Sort of like trying to climb a super tall mountain. (laugh)

I see, I guess it’s important to hear and understand what ayu feels about Love songs herself, then.
“Love songs” is a general category for all the songs in the album, but “Love song” is the piece that describes what love is for me personally. It describes the person I am now. What “Love song” is talking about is how, when I fall in love, I will sing many love songs. (scan is cut off..) That feeling that gets you excited, and is fun, sweet, gentle, and makes you yearn for that someone. Isn’t that “love”? We don’t know what love looks like. We don’t know if it’s something warm or cold. It may feel really hot when you are in the moment, and the next thing you know, it’s become freezing cold. It’s not something real, and we can’t touch it. Furthermore, when you love someone, it is impossible to tell if it’s good or bad for that person. There are surely people out there who deny that love exists, so I wish to sing lots about love, honestly and straight from my heart. (scan is cut off..)

The last song is a live version of “SEVEN DAYS WAR” recorded during 7days live. Is there a reason for that?
To LOVE is to LIVE. During the live, it felt that everything that was me was focused into that moment. Because I was a teary mess, I couldn’t sing very well. But that day, when I sang that song, I felt that it represented my all. How I wish to be a singer, how proud I am to actually become a singer, and lots of other indescribable things. And when I realized that, I had it made into an audio recording.

This is an album containing all sorts of love, but is “November” (scan is cut off..)
I’m not saying. (laugh) I knew that was the only song which I found really hard to sing. But do look forward to the day when you understand what it means~

Could it be related to your own personal life? I imagine that you’ve found your fated partner?? (laugh)
Who knows?

Is he born in November?
Ahaha. That won’t be the reason why I named the song that!

Aww! We wanted to talk to you about love, so I guess we’ll have to wait till next time.
The 50 questions we did the last time was really fun. I want to do it again. It’ll be easier to talk about love then.

Can we ask “Are you in love now”?
(scan is cut off..)

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Without love, there is no meaning to life. With love, one becomes able to live. That is love.

Translation: Misa-chan @ AHS
Shared by Ayu’s Story
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[Article] 11.01.2011 News of Ayu’s Marriage On Singapore’s i-Weekly Magazine

11 Jan

Single no more
With barely an hour into 2011, the entertainment industry of Japan was striked with a surprise. 32 year old Japanese songstress Hamasaki Ayumi announced her marriage with Austrain male model Manual Schwarz. DIVA turned wife

1. How did they meet?
In August last year, he was in Los Angeles to star in Ayu’s new track “Virgin Road” MV and it was through this collaboration they met and soon fell in love. Coincidentally, the two play lovers-on-the-run and also had a wedding scene in a church. Manual lives in Los Angeles and the two maintains the relationship via phone calls and emails.

2. Ayu to retire and become a housewife?
On the eve of New Year’s Day, Ayu appeared in a wedding dress look on Kouhaku. As though hinting to the sudden marriage, she announced on that same night that “I, as a person, as a woman, has found an irreplacable love. We have decided to be together for life”. Rumours in the industry begun spouting that Ayu was to retire, but she denied saying “Nothing will change due to this. I will still be myself.” Ayu even revealed that she told her husband to “put my fans in first place”.

3. What is the background of Ayu’s male model husband?
Manual Schwarz from Austria, 30 years old, 1.8m in height, and whose appearance has been likened to Keanu Reaves and Vincent Gallo. He was once a model working for Levi’s and Von Dutch. There is a large difference between Ayu’s and his popularity and income.

4. How was the wedding done in 72 hours?
After announcing the marriage, both aarrived at the airport the same afternoon surrounded by 9 bodyguards. They wore black and put on sunglasses to keep a low profile but were still recgonized by the public, which alerted the media. Despite all the interviews, Ayu did not respond and merely smiled to acknowledge, as she held her husband’s arm tightly throughout. They reached Los Angeless on 1st January, clad in casual wear and had a closed-door wedding ceremony without family and friends. Around 10 colleagues were present to witness the event. After the wedding, Manuel posted on Twitter a photo with the pair with their wedding rings gazing at each other in a sweet manner.

5. Was is a real marriage?
A number of reports have suggested that Ayu has had a shotgun marriage but her management company has denied such rumors. Also, some reports point that Ayu is using the wedding as a prmotional gimmick for her latest album “Love songs” released last month as her husband is also her onscreen boyfriend.


Sharing the bliss on the web
Ayu, who has rarely publicized her love life, announced her marriage in a unique way and also had an overseas wedding. Morover, she has gladly posted photos of their couple phtos for everyone to see Ayu as a woman-in-love.

When love has become history
Sine her debut, Ayu has had many rumours about her love life such has (sorry I have no idea who they are cept…) .. and Tohoshinki member Hero etc. The most looked upon was when she was with er ex-lover, Tomoya Nagase, TOKIO’s lead vocal, in a 7 year long secret relationship. They were so deeply in love, they even had tattoos to represent their love. However in 2007, they announced their breakup and each has found their new love.

Translation: Freedreamer @ AHS
Credit: jiarongisme @ AHS
Original source: i-Weekly
Shared by Ayu’s Story
Take out with full credits!


[Article] 08.01.2011 China Netizens On Ayu’s Marriage: “She was obviously cheated by the Westerner”

10 Jan

China netizens on ayu’s marriage: “She was obviously cheated by the Westerner”

A happily smiling Hamasaki Ayumi and Manuel Schwarz at Narita Airport, Chiba.

2011 New Year’s Day. With regards to popular Japanese news, it would have been singer Hamasaki Ayumi’s sudden marriage announcement. China’s fans, like Japanese fans, were shocked at this development, and there were some who were ambivalent about the decision. Aside from the honest congratulatory comments like “Ayumi’s lifestyle is indeed cool”, “I hope she will be happy”, there was also dissatisfaction. There were comments like “Why was she taken by an Austrian? What are Japanese men doing?” and “she was obviously cheated by the Westerner”.


Hamasaki Ayumi is the only Japanese artist who has a large presence in China, just like how Yamaguchi Momoe was many years ago. Of note was an interview conducted last April in a hidden location in Tibet, 3,000m up in the mountains. When young Tibetans there were asked “Where would you most like to go?”, the answer was “Hamasaki Ayumi’s concert”. In the town’s old CD shop, among the many CDs teaching Buddhist scriptures, pirated Hamasaki Ayumi CDs could also be found.

In China, a survey was conducted in 2008 online, regarding “The most popular Japanese artist in China”. Hamasaki Ayumi received nearly 5% of total votes in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, achieving first place. Second and third were occupied by Utada Hikaru and Namie Amuro respectively.

Hamasaki Ayumi’s charm can be discerned from Chinese fan blogs. “She is always full of confidence”, “She doesn’t waver, and walks her own path”. Comments like “She works so hard” were also common. Just like in Japan, there seems to be more female than male fans. To understand Hamasaki Ayumi’s songs, many Chinese girls start to learn the Japanese language.

“Like Yamaguchi Momoe, Japanese women tend to stop working when they get married, I want ayu not to marry just because of that.” Many Chinese fans are worried about the marriage because they fear not being able to hear new songs. Some wanted her to “give Asian women more power and charisma after getting married”. There were also many comments from male fans, such as “I don’t understand why so many great Japanese women marry Western men”, “She only knew him for 5 months, I’ve been her fan for years…” and “That husband has no reputation of his own. If he is using this marriage to exploit ayu’s fame, I will never forgive him”.

Translation: Misa-chan @ AHS
Original source: Yahoo! Japan News
Shared by Ayu’s Story
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[Article] 04.01.2011 Hamasaki Ayumi “The newspapers are lying! No family nor friends attended my wedding!”

7 Jan

Hamasaki Ayumi “The newspapers are lying! No family nor friends attended my wedding!”
4 January 2011. 1:52pm

Singer Hamasaki Ayumi, who married Austrian actor Manuel Schwarz in Las Vegas on New Years Day, have spoken up after reading some reports on her marriage ceremony. “Though some reports said that close friends attended my wedding ceremony, nobody went to Vegas with me. No family, no friends.”, Hamasaki clarified the situation to prevent misunderstanding.

Hamasaki Ayumi, a female singer and the pride of Japan, dealt out a big surprise this New Year! She announced her marriage on her fansite, and personally reported on Twitter that “There were only my beloved staff members there watching over us.” In response to the “close friends and staff members in attendance” reported, she happily clarified “Just to make this clear, for all my real family and friends who felt left out!! (laugh)”.

The announcement was made on her fansite, but not during the annual Countdown Live concert. As to why, Hamasaki explains on Twitter that “I want to keep my work and my private life separate.” Last year, her 3D movie 『Livespire 「A3D ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2009 A ~NEXT LEVEL~」』 showed in 12 cities across the country, exhibiting Hamasaki’s liveliness and energy. Having captured happiness in her private life, Hamasaki is sure to shine again this year.

Translation: Misa-chan
Original source: Yahoo! Japan News
Shared by Ayu’s Story
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